Aktivitus Hart


Hart54 membership includes a non-strenuous (submaximal) physical health assessment at Aktivitus on an exercise bike.

Aktivitus offers personalized advice on training and exercise planning though testing, knowledge and experience. We extend that customer support through analysis of technique and personal and group exercise classes. We don’t offer general advice. Our approach to training is science-based and fully adapted to the individual.


Concept Training Equipment has delivered quality products to workout facilities throughout Sweden since 1993. The company has broad experience in supplying, installing, and servicing gym equipment. Drive, customer focus, knowledge, and passion have been our central tenets since the get-go.



Holistic is a Swedish knowledge-based company that develops and sells high-quality dietary supplements. Holistic’s vision is to create a healthier and more loving world by helping people control their lives and live consciously, in health, balancing their bodies and souls. We’re proud to be able to offer Holistic’s range with us.