Hart Story

The one real luxury we have today is the ability to transform our health through exercise, sleep and nutrition. We all wonder about how healthy we are, how much support we need, or how much priority we should give to our health. We founded Hart54 to find the answers.

We always knew what we wanted.

We wanted personal trainers who could design specialized workout plans based on full-life balance and intelligence. 


So we hired those trainers.

We wanted the nutrition plans and the individual workout programs to be based on the latest research. We wanted an exact and holistic view of the member’s health and objective baseline body measurements. 


So we partnered with science.

We wanted an intimate and private space for training and coaching, one where trainers give attention to every member’s individual exercise and training regime. We wanted a premium experience space for health, supported by a community.


So we founded that space.

Welcome to Hart 54.