Hart54 – More Life

Those of us who give the most to every day need an oasis. A community where we track our physical progress with science. The way we sleep, eat, move and feel are all part of our journey to a richer, fuller life.

Hart Story

Hart54 attends to every member’s individual physical regime. It’s a holistic approach to fitness.


Take a look at our membership. Welcome to an intimate and private space for training and coaching.



It’s not how much you can lift or how fast you can run a mile. It’s about your overall quality of life.


At Hart54, community is one of the cornerstones. We want to create a welcoming and supportive atmosphere. A haven that offers more than fitness.

A haven that offers more than just fitness


Our select partners share our philosophy of sustainable, holistic healthy training.


A corporate package tailored after your company’s needs. We’ll establish a baseline and organize group team-building events. We can set up a common goal, like a race, to keep your team motivated.